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Since 1979, when Total Office Products & Service (Total Office) was founded, the office products industry has changed significantly:

  • “Big box stores” pushed in edging out many of the local office products businesses.
  • Total Office survives and thrives because we are local and family-owned. Our personal service is our secret weapon! The “big box stores” simply CAN’T compete with us on our service! However, we CAN compete with them on prices! How? Because they have a huge overhead and an expensive advertising budget, it’s not hard to figure out how they pay for it.

Advances in technology generates the need for a whole new array of products and services.

  • Total Office continues to grow along with technology. We offer our customers unlimited products and services. Check out our ASK CHRIS link. You can challenge him to help you find a unique item you need or ask a question about any of our services. You will have a direct link (no pun intended) to the President and General Manager of our company!

People begin spending more time at the office creating the need for multi-purpose office environments.

  • Total Office offers free consultations on all commercial offices, environments, and spaces from stock room to board room to executive offices, churches, schools and everything in-between. We offer furniture, cubicles, filing & storage, accessory items and if you’re looking for something specific, ASK CHRIS. You can also request our designer, Janis, attend your free consultation. If you need additional design assistance after your free consult, she will be happy to work with you and offers her services on a project fee basis.
Business First Article

Business First article from 1996, titled “David vs. the Goliaths.”

Total Office has successfully battled many big giants through the years. Our company remains strong, thriving then and thriving now!

Click on image to read the article.

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